The KSB Dubric Distribution Division provides the sale of value-added fluid moving and fluid sealing equipment and devices to industries in Michigan and Indiana. Click the links below for more information about some of the companies that make the quality products that we distribute.

KSBOur technology. Your Success. Pumps and parts for power generation, general industry, water and wastewater markets.
  • ChestertonThe world’s oldest and one of the largest manufacturers of fluid sealing devices, including mechanical seals, mechanical packings, hydraulic/pneumatic seals, gaskets, maintenance chemicals, lubricants, cleaners, and related products.
  • EnvirosealThe pioneering leader in seal protection technology.
  • SelcoSealThe “mechanical seal” for flanges.
  • Fusion FluidFusion Fluid.
  • LynairLynair.
  • Pitbull PumpsPitbull Industrial Pumps.